RSV in Spain - bronchiolitis, unusual increase in cases

Spain reports that one in 56 healthy children under one year of age are admitted for respiratory syncytial virus, which is the main cause of bronchiolitis. There are 40% more cases than in the pre-pandemic era and Covid has changed the epidemiological cycle of viruses.


COVID - China: significant rebound in cases

Beijing suspended classes in schools and nurseries after registering two deaths and almost a thousand new infections, at a time when various Chinese cities are registering outbreaks and some, such as Shijiazhuang (north), revert recent adjustments to the ´zero COVID´ policy


Cholera - Haiti and Dominican Republic

Up to 10/30/2022, the Haitian Ministry of Health reported 11039, suspected cases of cholera (938 confirmed cases, 9344 suspected cases who needed hospitalization, and 202 deaths). On 10/20, Dominican Republic confirmed the first imported case of cholera in the country

Haití, República Dominicana

Zika virus - Americas

The 2022 cumulative suspected and confirmed cases of Zika are presented, with a clear predominance of cases in Brazil, with 29,117 suspected cases and 2,656 confirmed ones.

Argentina, Bolivia, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Perú, Uruguay, Venezuela, Antártida, Ecuador, Guayana, Guayana Francesa, Islas Georgias del Sur, Islas Malvinas, Suriname

Poliovirus - global situation

Some international destinations have circulating poliovirus. Before any international travel, make sure you are up to date on your polio vaccines.

Estados Unidos

Leishmaniasis - Brazil

Tocantins recorded 74 cases of visceral leishmaniasis and 3 deaths from the disease between January and October 2022. Another type of disease is tegumentary, which had 250 confirmed cases in Tocantins this year. No deaths were recorded.


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