Alerts in Jamaica

Violence - Jamaica

At least 65 people died between January 1 and 27 of this year in a violent manner, data from the Jamaica Police Force shows. Surprisingly, the high homicide rate has decreased compared to January 2023: 81 people were murdered in the first month of 2023. The country, which has a population of 2.8 million, reported 1,393 homicides in 2023 (1,498 murders in 2022). The Caribbean territory has not reported less than 1,000 murders per year since 2003. The U.S. Embassy in Jamaica raised the travel warning to Level 3: “reconsider travel,” a level lower than the most severe one that warns U.S. citizens not to travel.


Dengue - Americas

During the year 2022, a significant increase in the number of dengue cases and deaths was observed in the Americas region compared to previous years. This behavior has continued in the first weeks of 2023 and, in some countries, it has become even more pronounced, resulting in an overload in health services.

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