Alerts in Pakistan

XDR Typhoid fever - Pakistan

Extensively drug-resistant (XDR) Salmonella was first reported in Sindh, Pakistan, in 2016. Since then, several districts have reported cases caused by multiple XDR S. enterica serovar typhi variants belonging to clade H58 and carrying multiple novel genomic integrations of the extended-spectrum beta-lactamase gene. Most cases are managed with meropenem and azithromycin, and most national guidelines recommend those drugs for treating cases of Salmonella typhi in Pakistan. We report a case of carbapenem-resistant Salmonella typhi infection that required treatment with a last-resort antimicrobial drug.


Malaria - Pakistan

From January to August 2022, more than 3.4 million suspected cases of malaria were reported in Pakistan compared to 2.6 million suspected cases reported in 2021. Most were reported as Plasmodium vivax.


Dengue - Pakistan

Between 1 January and 27 September 2022, a total of 25932 confirmed dengue cases and 62 deaths were reported in Pakistan, with 74% of these cases reported in the month of September alone. The current surge in cases follows unprecedented flooding that began in mid-June 2022.